A Confession of a Chop Suey Man

Many-hued cooking styles exemplify
the rich history and culture of China.

From the northern Szechwan chili spices to the
southern ginger roots the reward of its perfumed
aromas and taste is simply splendid.

Lately, Chinese buffets have
been popping up like wild mushrooms.
When the main interest is to offer quantity,
quality has sadly faded away.

When I hear people referring to the art of
Chinese cooking as now being represented by
the popularity of Chinese Buffets...

I weep bitterly.

As one of the few iconoclasts who still likes to
cook Chinese with pride and joy, I want to invite you to
Friendship, where your taste buds will witness the
infinite richness of what Chinese
cooking was meant to be.

If you wish to say I am taking this cooking and
eating business too seriously, you may.
Indeed I am.

Are you?

- Alan -

Bow exactly at 63.2 °
eyes gazed on the floor
exit room by moving backward.